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The Library collection numbers around 154.000 books, 101 magazines (4 of which are in English – Focus, Newsweek, Times and National Geographic) and 7 700 units of audio, video and CD-ROM material.

Specialised collections

Caproncensis - collection of different materials on local history and publishing.

Dr. Leander Brozović Collection (1897– 1962) - A private collection of the local historian and founder of the Town Museum. This is an extremely valuable and diverse collection, with a few books dating from 17th and 18th centuries.

Olivija Fištrović Collection - Ms OLIVIJA FISTROVIC from Chicago, Illinois, born in the village of Reka, near Koprivnica, has donated our library her book collection in English, consisting of 1 231 titles. The majority of these books are about history, the history of the Balkans, economy and politics.

Music Collection
The genres it covers are diversified ranging from classical, pop, rock, blues, jazz, rap to world music, chanson and music for children.

Collection of Films

  • Is present in the stock of all departments, with the majority being located in the Adult and Children’s Departments
  • Consists of movies, documentaries and cartoon films both on VHS tapes and DVDs, and includes educational movies intended for children and youngsters. Most of the films can be borrowed, and the ones that may not be borrowed can be viewed in the library either in the Children's Department or in the Science and study Department.

Collection of CD-ROMs

  • Is distributed in the stocks of the Children's and Science and study Department
  • Consists of electronic referencing material (encyclopaedias, dictionaries) atlases, educational CD-ROMs in the fields of biology, the arts, history and other fields, as well as PC games intended for use by children.

Postcards Collection

Postcards collection has some 500 postcards, providing an insight into Koprivnica and its vicinity, its looks and vistas from the 19th, to 20th and into the 21st century; .the postcards give a kaleidoscope of the town’ squares and streets, citizens’ homes, the park music pavilion, its housing of prominent figures in medicine, industry, religion etc.

Collection for print disabled people

This collection was founded in 2006 when a new service for the blind/visually impaired was introduced. It covers all library fields (including follow up technology) and consists of talking books on CDs and cassettes, tactile picture books and toys, a few books in Braille as well as some books in large print, leaflets on blind people and books written by blind authors. IFLA Article Dijana Sabolovic-Krajina, Croatia, Project «Library service for blind and visually impaired persons» Social service delivery by the non-profit sector.

Collection of Books on Roma People

Physically this collection is situated in the Adult Department (since 2007) and contains reading materials about Roma people as well as books written by Roma authors in the Roma languages and in other languages.

«Reading with you» Collection

Within the Children's department a collection of books and manuals has been set aside as aid for parents in recognising reading disabilities (dyslexia) and problems with writing.
The collection is followed up with a number of informative and educational brochures that deal with identification of difficulties in reading and writing, as well as a list-out of web sites on these topics.